Elite Commercial

Real Estate agents specialize in the following fields:


Apartment Buildings

From low-rise, one-story buildings to

high-rise, upscale developments.


Retail Properties

Small independent businesses, neighborhood centers, or large community shopping centers.


Office Buildings

From single story to multi-story, high-rise buildings.


Hotels and Motels

Independent owner to national accounts.


Industrial Properties

For manufacturing, warehousing and

distribution centers.


Business Opportunities

Including retail businesses, service and professional companies and major corporations.


Property Management

Properties are professionally managed and maintained to maximize the asset value.


Commercial and Industrial Leasing

Services that help you manage your rental

properties and teach you how to prospect for tenants and create a niche in your market place.


Site Selection

Support in identifying site locations that meet your needs and conform to the criteria you have established.




Elite Commercial

Has the mastery to help bring investors, sellers, buyers together in order to create the ideal win/win scenario!

Elite Commercial located in Taylorsville, Utah, has professionals that are specially trained in commercial and investment arenas of property procurement and  property management. Our job is to help you choose the investment that is most appropriate for your circumstance. Our agents will search the entire Utah market, not just the listed properties but also the properties that fits your investment requirements that are not listed. We will contact property owners on your behalf, to negotiate a win/win purchase opportunity.

Whether you are a tenant, landlord, investor or seller of commercial real estate you have to confront certain complexities of an explosive and out of control commercial market.

As a Tenant, you need an experienced representative to convince the landlord that your concept is an ideal fit for their property. You will need a professional to help you negotiate through the process of achieving a proper lease agreement that fits to your terms and conditions.

As a Landlord, you will need help in finding quality tenants to assure your investment will reach it maximum profitability. In today’s market more and more tenants are using professional Real Estate agents to negotiate their leases, by having your own professional who has the experience and knowledge to conform the tenants expectation to match the requirement of your investment properties.

As an investor, you need to recognize and survey properties that meet your requirements to guarantee that you get the ideal investment at a competitive price. Finding the right property is only half the battle, we will provide you help in filling out the proper forms and agreements. Our agents are trained in helping investors find reputable third parties, i.e., appraiser, attorney, inspectors and even help in finding the funding. Elite Commercial also provides Property Management services. We have the ability to help you maintain your property and find quality tenants. Our agents are experienced in working with tenants, government officials, and vendors. We can help you in getting on time rental payments, work with the taxing authority to minimize your property taxes, and create a good relationship with vendors to maintain your investments at a reasonable cost.

As a seller, you need to obtain the best market value for your investments and sell them as fast as possible to optimize your cash flow position and return-on-investment. In today's market your best chance of finding a qualified buyer is to use a professional that has business contacts not only here in Utah but throughout the country. Elite Commercial uses the new Internet technology to search the entire country for prospective buyers. We will advertise your project on national web pages, in magazines, newspapers and other media that will provide your property with maximum exposure. In order to decrease your risk and maximize your portfolio, it is important to work with an establishment that is confident and knowledgeable in commercial real estate transactions.

Elite Commercial with their combination of in-depth expertise as well as their clever marketing tools, is the ideal professional to help you with all of you commercial real estate needs. Please take a moment to fill out our Commercial Interest Form , by doing so we can send you valuable information on your ideal investment. If you need answers to any questions, please note it on the form and experience agent will contact you.